Apple is reportedly investing $500 million into new games for their upcoming Apple Arcade service.

Apple Arcade website screencap

Apple is jumping into the games subscription business with both feet as the Financial Times is reporting that Apple intends to spend a minimum of $500,000 to fund new games for the service.

Apple is pushing “Arcade” as a haven for games that would have trouble releasing outside of subscription services. This translates as more experimental or high art experiences that can’t be easily labeled, packaged and sold. An interesting take to focus on.

Sony, Microsoft and Google are also building streaming services and subscription based gaming packages. Microsoft has the popular Game Pass, Sony has PS Now and Google will debut Stadia later this year. Apple plans to launch their service across all iOS devices as well as the Macintosh PC platforms and have promised over 100 games for the fall 2019 launch with many more to follow.

We’re in for a whole new type of platform wars.