Totino’s has upped 100 Thieves game with a new Atlanta based Fortnite Team House and sponsored content.

Is there a better combination than Fortnite’s fanbase and pizza rolls? Well there’s healthier combinations but we’re talking brand synergy here.

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag was excited to announce that 100 Thieves and Tonino’s will expand their sponsorship to now include a plush new Atlanta based house where the 100T Fortnite teams will be able to train and create content together.

“To have everybody underneath one roof helping each other improve week after week and be able to rely and lean on each other to just push their game further, I think this house is going to be unbelievable—it’s going to help our team so much,” 

Totino’s will also be sponsoring a documentary series called “Loot” that will chronicle the 100T road to the Fortnite World Cup. It’s a great non-endemic partnership that hopefully will continue to power the organization ahead in the years to come.