The Chinese Esports Market is expected to hit £2.3bn ($3bn USD) by 2020 with 1 in 5 citizens already fans today.

China Central Television, the largest of the government run networks announced that the Chinese Esports Market is expected to hit £2.3bn ($3.0bn USD) by 2020. This follows a report last year citing that 1 in every 5 Chinese citizens are a fan of Esports.

Esports athletes and organization employees also rose a great deal since the China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security started recognizing Esports as an actual industry with “Esports Player” and “Esports Operator” as actual career paths.

On the subject Bang Xu, Vice President of Tomorrowland Esports Ltd noted:

“Three years ago, it may have taken two or three months to get one or two applicants for the director of an esports league. The number of esports leagues in 2016 was just less than 10. At present, we may have dozens of applicants in a month, and the number of esports leagues has exceeded 100.

“Although more and more people are willing to engage in the esports industry, esports talents are still in short supply compared to the speed of the industry development.”

As the mobile market drives Esports world wide its good to see China dropping regulatory walls and embracing Esports as a true future sport for the country.