Minecraft passes 30 million sold on PC and 100 million across all platforms.

It feels like forever ago in 2011 when Minecraft dragged it’s java stinking blocks out into the wilds for the world to play with. Since then the game grew into a phenomenon and then an institution as it ventured to almost every platform on the planet. How many? Let’s do a roll call:




Minecraft is also a popular educational tool. The dedicated MinecraftEdu team has made the game available to over 250,000 students to date. The world sandbox is used to teach math, science and even geography. There’s also Minecraft merchandise, conventions (Minecon) and some even claim that the game’s Hunger Games mod inspired the popularity of Battle Royale games today!

With PC moving it’s 30 millionth sold copy the world wide count has now hit 100 million. It’s a well earned success that while slowed, won’t stop anytime soon.