Call of Duty Black Ops 4 adds Alcatraz as a new Battle Royale map and makes the mode free to play for the next month.

In a surprise move, developer Treyarch has revealed a new map for Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode called “Alcatraz”. While their were general rumors surrounding Alcatraz, the theory was that it would be added to the original Blackout map as an area of interest. Instead, Alcatraz is a self contained map of it’s own designed for close quarters and high speed play.

The new map launches today on PlayStation 4 and will follow one week later on Xbox and PC. Alongside the new map is a free trial period for the game that will last one month allowing anyone to download and play Blackout until April 30th.

It’s looking obvious that the grand plan for Blackout is to eventually go free to play divorced from Black Ops 4 and able to co-exist with the upcoming Modern Warfare 4. This is the third and longest free to play term the game has had since launch.

If Activision wants to truly compete with the likes of Fornite and Apex Legends, they’ll need to remove all barriers to entry and this is exactly how you do it.