The Fortnite World Cup starts April 13th – Here’s how to get your cut of the $1,000,000 USD prize.

2019’s Fornite competitive landscape is coming into focus with the next event set for April 13th where a cool million dollars will be up for grabs.

Here’s a full breakdown via Epic:

Fortnite World Cup Online Opens

Arena Mode (Always On)

This is your chance to qualify for the weekend Online Opens. Players can compete on their own schedule to try and progress to the Champion League in the brand new Arena game mode releasing in v8.20. If you can climb to the top, you’ll unlock access to the Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournaments.

Online Open Semi-Finals (Saturdays)

Every Saturday, players who have unlocked the Online Open will have a designated three hour window of time (according to server region) to play in up to ten matches and score points. At the conclusion of the three hour window, the top 3,000 players in each server region will advance to the Online Open Finals that Sunday (the following day).

$1,000,000 Online Open Finals (Sundays)

The top 3,000 players’ scores will reset for the start of the Online Open Finals. Players will then face off during a designated three hour window of time to play up to ten matches and score points. After the three hour window closes, winners will be verified and the top performing players will be notified of cash prizes earned from a $1,000,000 prize pool. Note that winning players will be required to provide additional information in order to process payments.

The highest ranked players from each week will be invited to the Fortnite World Cup Finals to be held in New York City, July 26-28!


During the weekend Online Opens, players will earn points based on the scoring system listed below.


Victory Royale: 10 Points

2nd – 5th: 7 Points

6th – 15th: 5 Points

16th – 25th: 3 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point


Victory Royale: 10 Points

2nd – 3rd: 7 Points

4th – 7th: 5 Points

8th – 12th: 3 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point

Fortnite World Cup Finals Advancement

Players will qualify weekly to the Fortnite World Cup Finals based on performance within their server region according to the chart below.

World Cup Finals Qualification Solo Spots
SOLOServer Region
WeekEuropeNA EastNA WestAsiaBrazilOceania
Week 1862111
Week 3862221
Week 5862111
Week 7862221
Week 9862111
World Cup Finals Qualification Duos Team Spots
DUOSServer Region
WeekEuropeNA EastNA WestAsiaBrazilOceania
Week 2431111
Week 4431000
Week 6431111
Week 8431000
Week 10431111

To qualify in Duos competitions for cash prizes and the Fortnite World Cup Finals, players can only pair with one Duos partner during each weekend of Online Open tournaments. However, players can switch Duos partners from week to week. Duos partners that qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals cannot be switched for substitute players.


Players who compete in the Finals will be required to enable 2FA and link their account to an Epic ID. This adds an additional layer of match security.  To enable 2FA visit, log in to your Epic Account and follow the onscreen instructions.

All competitors will also be required to acknowledge and accept the official rules in-game before participating in the Online Opens. These rules ensure the integrity of competitive play in Fortnite and that the Fortnite World Cup is fun, fair, and free from toxic behavior. The complete Online Open official rules can be found here.

More Information

To be eligible to participate in any Online Open match, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence).  Minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to participate in the event. All players must also have their account in good standing and a minimum Account Level of 15.

Ticketing (coming soon), scheduling, and additional information is available on the Fortnite World Cup website here:

The road to the Fortnite World Cup begins with you!