Apex Legends set record profits for free to play games with a $92 million dollar launch month.

Almost everything about Apex Legends has been unique. The game launched with zero marketing. No lead ins. No previews. No show appearances. No advertising. By design the game leaped onto the Battle Royale scene as a surprise release. (Only foiled by leaks 48 hours prior)

Once set loose the game brought features to the BR world that didn’t just set it apart, it made the game an evolution to the genera. The deep ping feature made communication with random team mates possible. The respawn system keeps players invested once killed and makes their return to the game a touchdown moment for those who are able to pull it off.

The mixture of being free to play, an exciting secret release and new features brought players out in masse. The launch day saw 2.5 million players. Three days later player count soared to 10 million and by the end of the first month, 50 million became the new milestone.

The newly minted Apex community isn’t afraid to support their new “free” game with purchases though. Apex Legends is monetized with loot boxes that award cosmetic items for the game’s characters and a season pass that allows payers to buy in for around $10 USD and earn rewards on an xp scale. These purchase avenues have earned Apex Legends a record $92 Million USD in the game’s first month alone according to SuperData.

“Apex Legends has the best launch month of any free-to-play game in history. Apex Legends generated an estimated $92 million from in-game spending across all platforms, with the majority coming from console. Despite this, Fortnite still came in above Apex Legends in the top grossing rankings.”

The story is just beginning for Respawn’s new game. We’re excited to start seeing official Esports plans emerge soon. Until then there’s lots of great partner events popping up to give us a taste of how high the skill ceiling can go.