Dead or Alive 6 has a Free to Play version available now. (and lots of ways to spend money)

Dead or Alive 6 has entered the fighting game arena on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to generally favorable reviews. The core game costs $60 USD but developer Tecmo is no stranger to advanced monetization techniques. DOA 5 had a free to play version with hundreds of purchasable items over it’s life.

DOA 6’s F2P version has been stripped down to the basics.

There’s four free characters:

  • Kasumi
  • Bass
  • Diego
  • Hitomi

Additional characters will cost you an average of $4 each or all of them for the $59 entry price. Not enough for you? We got a season pass for new characters and costumes for the odd price of $92 and adding back in the story mode will run you $19… Whew.

Try the free client and see where the game sits with you. Perhaps you’ll be their next whale?