Fortnite has a new musical collaboration: Weezer World is now open!

On the heels of their surprise concert event for EDM artist (and huge Fortnite fan) Marshmellow, Epic now has an area for fans on the map dedicated to Weezer.

In promotion of Weezer’s new “Black Album” players can access Weezer World via creative mode with friends. The area plays tracks from the new album and features a skate park, amusement rides and of course, Weezer branding everywhere.

It’s another great non-endemic sponsorship for Epic. They’re basically writing the book for how live environment games can support partners that the whole industry will be trying to follow for the next ten years.

Creator info via YouTube:

Your very own Weezer World on Fortnite, created by Team CRE8 ( ft. HELLRAISER Gaming (, G Schway (, KK-Slider (, and WertAndrew (