Developer Update: Many requested features are on the way for Black Ops 4.

While Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been a financial success so far it’s set a lower bar than usual with communication and content from developer Treyarch.

Fans used to being spoiled with content updates and open coms at Treyarch found themselves at a loss with Black Ops 4 as the game’s content releases in the first five months of release were few and far in-between with Treyarch ignoring pleas for game balance changes and mode additions such as Titan LMG nerfs and a no specialist playlist as well.

Those days may soon be over as we see in the new developer update video from Treyarch. A new season pass called Grand Operation has launched with new weapons, gameplay modes, a full battle pass as well as league play and the much requested “no specialists” mode.

Check out the developer diary and prepare for a better supported Blops 4 from now on.

With Operation Grand Heist now live on all platforms, learn about the design philosophy behind Black Ops 4’s newest content and updates from the dev team in our Treyarch Developer Update video. 0:30 – Multiplayer 2:08 – Zombies 4:15 – Blackout