Even amid new competition the Overwatch League’s viewership has grown 30%

Feb. 14th to 17th marked the beginning of the 2019 Overwatch League and an unofficial test of how much steam it’s competitors may have taken out of the series. Fortnite dominated Twitch unhampered until Apex Legends came by to temporarily own the top spot. So how has this affected Overwatch? They achieved a 30% viewership growth since last year.

Opening week viewership topped 13 million fans across various streaming networks such as Twitch, Disney XD, ESPN and MLG.com –

That covered six languages and 190 countries with an average of 440,000 minutes of content viewed. (a 14% growth in it’s own right)

The Overwatch League is indeed still growing it’s audience. Activision has decided to also franchise out the Call of Duty World League as a mirror to the OWL in 2020 so we’re very interested to see if success can be repeated with a much more established franchise. (and temperamental fanbase)