Microsoft and Nintendo are working together again this time putting Pokemon on their Hololens AR Visor across Tokyo.

Microsoft’s venture into experiential AR (augmented reality) with Hololens has been an interesting one so far. Research institutes, educational organizations and even the US Army have put in orders for the device to test its applications in their respective industries. The newest collaboration for the headset is with Nintendo of Japan and Pokemon Go developer Niantic.

Microsoft, Niantic and Nintendo will team up on an AR experience featuring Pokemon for visitors to the Tokyo City View at the Roppongi Hills Observatory in Japan. When you put on a Hololens visor and look across the Tokyo cityscape, Pokemon of various types will appear throughout the city. What exactly the Pokemon will be doing is a bit lost in translation but they’ll “color the future”.

Here’s a translation of the Japanese announcement:

Pokémon GO AR Observatory

Niantic x Pokémon

Pokemon appears at Roppongi Hills Observatory “Tokyo City View”. What kind of world can you see when you look over the interior view corridor and out of the window? Through “Pokemon Scope” utilizing Microsoft Hololens, please search for Pokemon that blends in real space. 
Cooperative work with Niantic, Inc., which develops and operates “Pokémon GO”, licensing, Pokemon Co., Ltd. that cooperates in development and management, “Pokémon GO” official partner Softbank and THINK & SENSE. 
You can see how the landscape of Tokyo changes with AR (Augmented Reality) technology and how Pokemon will color the future everyday.