Let’s talk guns in Apex Legends with the experts.

Respawn’s Apex Legends has taken the world by storm amassing over 25 million players in it’s first week available. That means a lot of us are stuck in the massive arenas trying to survive. Knowledge is power so today we’re highlighting gun evaluations and tactics.

Jackfrags is a well known player across several series but most notable in the Battlefield community. Without a doubt jackfrags has taken to Apex like a fish to water. It’s time to use his experience for our own gain. In the video above we get his ranking and tips on the most important weapons in Apex.

Or are you more of a numbers player? You want ROF? DPS? TTK? Don’t worry, Rogue-9 has you covered in his detailed breakdown.

Soak the info in and if it helps you out there be sure to sub and comment on either creator’s pages. See you in the arena!