The Chinese Government now officially recognizes Esports as a career.

According to China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,
“Esports Operator” and “Esports Professional” are now officially recognized professions in the country. “Operator” covers the aspect of hosting and working at events as part of the crew and “Professional” covers anyone who plays with or for a pro team… And strangely enough it lists “account boosters” as an option as well. Hopefully this will be amended and was just a miscommunication. Account boosting is frowned upon in most circles and can even be broadly interpenetrated as gold farming, an act illegal in some countries.

This new recognition is very important as it will now give Esports Professionals all the rights enjoyed by other career paths as well as grants for work Visas.

This follows a lot of recent action happening in the nation such as Shanghai’s Esports Athlete Registration Program where the city is looking to prep players for multiple upcoming events in their new
Mercedes-Benz Arena.

China will be a country to watch as they mobilize the Esports market there. And watch we shall.