10 Million players in 72 hours: Apex Legends shows the power of Battle Royale, good design and the Free to Play model.

There’s built in opportunity around free to play games with zero barriers to entry. When you add a legendary developer, a AAA title and refinements to the most popular mode in gaming (Battle Royale) you get magic… In the form of 10 million players in 72 hours. (and the first weekend for the game isn’t even here)

Apex is currently trending on social media, Twitch and console charts. The honeymoon period is still in full effect and as the first weekend rolls around post release I expect that seeing 15 million by Monday won’t be a surprise.

Developer Respawn deserves the success and publisher EA needs it after several bad PR hits over the last year.

We’ll be watching the game evolve closely and looking forward to the inevitable Esports events.