Twitch promises to stop running promotions for large channels on smaller creator’s content.

The life of a content creator is hard. You have to be either very good at the games you play or very entertaining. So good or entertaining that you can get noticed as one of around 59,000 channels that are streaming concurrently at all times on Twitch. With that immense challenge the last thing you need is the platform it’s self trying to sell your viewers on other, larger streamers during your broadcasts.

This is exactly what’s happened a couple of times so far. Both Ninja’s New Years event and Pokimane’s NFL Pro Bowl had ads that ran on creator channels to much dismay. Creators have been speaking up and it seems like Twitch is listening.

Via the Twitch Twitter account:

“Since December, there have been two instances of advertisements on Twitch which we believed help spotlight exciting events taking place on-site with some of our creators,” – “We recognize those good intentions caused concern across our broader Twitch creators that these advertisements may drive their audiences elsewhere, and that we had unintentionally created a potentially negative impact with our efforts.”

The success and trust of creators should be the paramount concern of a platform. Twitch is massive in the space but competitors such as Mixer are always around the corner for an exodus when things get bad. For now it seems that Twitch is putting creator concerns into the spotlight and acting on them. It’s a good sign we will watch for followup on.