COD DECLASSIFIED: Episode 2 – The tech for Treyarch’s first ever ballistics system explored.

Something that’s totally new to the Call of Duty series with Black Ops 4 is a proper ballistics system for all weapons. The older COD games used a method called “Hitscan”. When a hitscan gun is fired an invisible beam leaves the barrel and the game will calculate if a bullet may or may not hit anything that crosses the beam. If so, and that crossing item is a player, it will calculate and apply damage to the player based on how far away they are from the gun’s barrel and how fast the bullet is travelling.

Black Ops 4 uses a true ballistics system for weapon fire. As opposed to hitscan, the weapons now fire an actual bullet that is tracked in the 3D world with physics guiding it’s flight path and collisions. This system was no doubt added for the battle royale mode Blackout as it demands much more realistic bullet simulation than in the past.

In the new declassified series, Treyarch Technology Director Trevor Walker goes over the technology and mindset behind the new system and how it affects both multiplayer and Blackout. It’s a great look behind the scenes and answers an important question: Can a bullet be fired at one end of the massive map and land on the other? Check out the video to find out.