The design for the “Mad Box” console is so far out there it double backs into cool.

The developers at Slightly Mad Studios have been called full on mad for their announcement of a new gaming console to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox brands.

Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios doesn’t seem too concerned that he’ll need billions of dollars and massive distribution channels to challenge the PS4 or Xbox One. He seems perfectly happy just to trump them in power and features. And features we see here in these pictures. Tons of them.

We have an LCD information panel on the console front as well as dynamic information displayed on the controllers as well via custom molded LCDS.

The controllers also feature triggers and paddles usually only included in pro controllers like those made by Scuff or the Xbox One Elite controller. (and these controllers cost $150+)

We don’t know a lot about the supposed console yet other than it will be powerful, based on PC technology and designed with the intent to be the ultimate console experience. We’re quite interested to see how the final product evolves.