Virtuix’s VR Esports League brings on HTC and HP as major sponsors.

Virtuix, creators of the impressive 360 degree Omni VR treadmill have expanded their ambitions to all of the VR industry. They took the company’s focus from consumer to commercial and in that move have installed over 3000 Omni Treadmills in 500 complexes worldwide. As part of their support of these clients Omni created the “Omniverse” a proprietary content distribution platform to serve games and VR experiences custom tailored to the Omni hardware. They newest addition to their content roadmap is VR Esports.

Esports events create experiences that customers return to entertainment centers for and Virtuix has a pretty fleshed out platform for them.

Showing confidence in the program, HTC and HP have signed on as major sponsors for the Virtuix’s 2019 Omniverse ESPORTS Series.

Via TEO:

“We are thrilled that HTC and HP will partner with our esports series,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “Their collaboration is a great endorsement of our platform. VR esports are the latest rage, especially for location-based entertainment. The Omni provides the only way to physically run around in competitive video games, adding an extra layer of excitement for both players and spectators.”

Both HP and HTC will be adding products to the prize pools such as their own VR headsets (Vive and Mindframe) as well as the $50k yearly purse.

Here’s a rundown of the program via Virtuix:

Omniverse ESPORTS™ enables you to create and display game leaderboards, participate in local and global prize contests, and build a community of repeat customers that visit your venue week after week.

Game Leaderboards

Display global leaderboards or create your own to promote competitions and drive repeat gameplay at your venue.

Prize Contests

Participate in ongoing prize contests organized and sponsored by Virtuix, HTC, and HP with a $50,000 annual prize pool.

Player Profiles and Ranks

Players come back to play more to boost their online profile and increase their Omniverse rank.

Online Player Hub

Benefit from a community of frequent players with an online social hub to meet friends and compare stats.