The Official US Army Esports Team already has 4000+ applicants.

After announcing that the US Army would be creating an official Esports team, hopefuls in the service have arrived in force to try and make the cut.

Out of these 4000 applicants U.S. Army Recruiting Command  will select around 30 for various opportunities around games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

“Soldiers are showing a want and desire to not only play gaming … but also be in competitive gaming, and we understand that is a really good connection to our target market,” – “These soldiers will actually be hand-selected, so what we are doing is grouping them together and — based upon the title and platform that they wish to compete in — having them scrimmage within those groups to find out who are the best we have.” – Christopher Jones, OIC of the Army Esports Team.

Christopher Jones also spoke more on the terms of service and requirements via

Part of the screening process will include ensuring that candidates also meet Army physical fitness, height and weight standards.

“Those soldiers will be screened from there to make sure that not only can they compete, but [they] are the top-quality soldier that we are looking for in order to move here to Knox to compete,” Jones said. “We want those soldiers, when they go to these events, to be able to articulate to the public.”

Team members will serve 36 months at Fort Knox and travel to tournaments, supporting the Army’s recruiting efforts at high schools and colleges, he said.

The US Army’s Esports program is under the watch of the Marketing and Engagement Brigade at Fort Knox. The MEB was created to allow the Army to connect more with tomorrow’s recruits who are digital savvy and interested in gaming, something the Army needs as they missed their recruiting goal in 2018 to the tune of 6,500 men.

We’ll follow their efforts closely as teams begin to develop and attend competitions.