City of Tokyo Japan to hold official Esports Festival in 2019.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced plans to hold a two day Esports event in 2019 backed by a budget of around $460,000.00 USD. This is a huge deal for the region.

Japan for many years has had very strict laws on gambling that in their wide interpretation, have slowed down the development of Esports in the country. It’s a shame seeing how Japan is one of the most active gaming countries in the world and home to scores of game developers and publishers.

Efforts such as the new Japan Esports Union (JESU) have been started to try and remove as much red tape as possible so that game developers can create and host proper Esports events in the region and this new tournament in Tokyo seems to be fruit of the refreshed attitude lawmakers have with competitive gaming.

We don’t know a proper time frame for the event or even the games that the city will host but we’ll update as soon as we do.

It’s a very exciting time to be an esports fan in Japan!