Pokemon Go crosses the $2.2 Billion revenue mark.

While Pokemon Go launched as a worldwide phenomenon in 2016 many felt that the game would eventually fizzle out as people lost interest. That’s proving not to be true as developer Niantic has crossed $2.2 billion dollars in revenue since release according to Sensor Tower Data.

In fact, the game has earned around $792 million in 2018 showing not only sustainability but growth of 35% vs 2017 numbers.

“The game was pushed across the 2018 finish line by a strong December that saw global player spending on the App Store and Google Play exceed $75 million, an increase of 32 percent over the $57.2 million spent during the same month in 2017.”

Pokemon Go is free to download and provides players with everything they need to play the game. Revenue comes from the in-game shop where they sell extra items, shortcuts and equipment upgrades to make life easier for impatient trainers.

With pvp battles and connectivity to the Nintendo Switch recently added we expect Pokemon Go to keep going strong for years to come.