Is Ghosts 2 the 2019 Call Of Duty?

With Black Ops 4 setting digital sales records and pushing the series successfully into new fronts with the Battle Royale Blackout mode, players still can’t help but speculate on the next entry in the yearly blockbuster.

We may be getting hints to what the next game might be from the Infinity Ward community manager Ashton Williams. Weird hints.

Those are some “Ghostly” tweets that seem a bit out of place being posted in December/January long past the Halloween season. Are we being teased for the return of Call of Duty Ghosts or is Ashton just a spooky girl? We don’t know.

Ghosts 2 would be a little surprising as the series didn’t have a very popular first go around but seeing how the game ended on a cliffhanger it could go either way.

Many Call of Duty and Infinity Ward fans are hoping for another entry in the Modern Warfare series (Modern Warfare 4) so a sequel to “Ghosts” might be initially balked at.

Things will get interesting later this year for sure.