Fortnite’s most famous Twitch streamer made $10 Million in 2018.

It’s hard to miss Tyler “Ninja” Blevins these days. If you didn’t catch any of the 4000 hours he streamed on Twitch over the year you might have seen him on talk shows like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. He was even a star feature of the 2019 New Year’s Eve celebration in NYC! Ninja is the world’s most famous streamer and maybe even gamer.

So what does that pay?

According to Ninja in an interview with CNN, it paid around $10 Million dollars in 2018 alone. That money is earned across ads on the Twitch network, paid subscriptions and special appearances. In fact, $500,000 a month isn’t rare for him. That’s some big V-Bucks.

It comes at a cost though: Time. Slowing down his constant streaming schedule can cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and precious subscribers. Much of his success also rides on the continued popularity of Fortnite.

We don’t expect Tyler to slow down anytime soon. 2019 should be an interesting year to watch both for him and Fornite in general.