Fortnite has reportedly turned a $3 Billion Dollar profit for developer Epic in 2018 alone.

Fornite took over the world in 2018 as it became the most played game on the planet and the fruits from that outcome have been rolling in as cold, hard cash. Epic Game’s valuation has now grown to $15 Billion and TechCrunch sources claim the game has made a $3b profit in 2018 as it’s player base ballooned to 128 million players.

No doubt Chinese publisher Tencent is happy with their $330 Million investment in Epic back in 2012 that gave them a 40% stake in the developer. While we doubt either company saw this level of success in the cards, Epic was already a great bet with their Unreal Engine middle-ware and classic IP portfolio. Fortnite was more akin to hitting the lottery as they added the Battle Royale mode to the first version of the game due to it failing in the tower defense category.

These profits have empowered Epic Games to open their own digital storefront as a competitor to Valve’s Steam and diversify their outlets for income.

Even if Fortnite ends up as a simple fad over time Epic has made massive amounts of money and are using that money to make smart moves for the future. That’s about a perfect a scenario as one can get.