Islands of Nyne ends development and goes free to play.

Unfortunately not all news can be good and not all games can sustain. Islands of Nyne will come to an end after it’s next update developer Define Human has confirmed.

IO9 came out of the gate to a lot of interest from both the general public as well as large streaming personalities such as Shroud. It promised to be a Battle Royale game that looked as good as Crysis and played like Call of Duty. It delivered on neither.

IO9 launched around the same time that Fortnite and PUBG fever was in full effect and and unlike Fortnite, IO9 cost money to play. That can be a death sentence on it’s own even when all other factors are positive.

Updates were slow and communication non-existent not long after release driving player numbers down from around 7,000 a day to 7. Low player numbers in turn destroy Battle Royale games as they require large pools for play. Those who paid for the game had no one to play with and potential customers too scared to buy in.

Now it seems that the game is going to get one more update that will make it free to play and then the developers are calling it quits.

Four years ago Jake and I said goodbye to our cozy 9-5 jobs, pooled our savings together, and embarked on a journey so remarkable neither of us could’ve imagined just how ambitious it would end up becoming. Not only did we get to fully realize our dream of developing a game that we wanted to play, but we were also fortunate enough to see the growth and cultivation of so many talented individuals – a reality which would never have been possible without the passion and support of so many inspiring fans. Unfortunately, all adventures come to an end, and for us, that time has come a little earlier than we would’ve liked. The reality now is we are no longer able to financially support development costs despite our efforts to turn things around with our latest update and pricedrop. However, If there was a silver lining to be had here it would be that as of 12pm PST today Islands of Nyne will become f2p and servers will continue to stay up for the foreseeable future. In addition, for those of you who purchased Islands of Nyne or any skins from the in-game item store from November 29th, 2018 through today, we have notified Valve to approve any refund requests for those purchases regardless of time spent in game.

We will be releasing one more update which will include a credits screen in the main menu thanking all those who contributed to the creation of Islands of Nyne in addition to those who backed the project during our various crowdfunding campaigns. We are also exploring server hosting solutions which would allow players to host custom matches without our direct involvement. We would like Islands of Nyne to always be playable regardless of the lack of updates, so please bear with us while we fully explore our options on how to best achieve this.

In closing, I want to sincerely thank all those who left a positive impact on our lives- our devoted playtesters, our content creator community that streamed countless hours of IoN, the players who left us constructive feedback, and any team-member’s significant other who had to deal with me telling their loved one to get back to work. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and we hope you look back on your Islands of Nyne experience as one of excitement and fun.

-Define Human team

We hope the team bounces back to another project soon.