Power Moves: Counter Strike Global Offensive Goes free to play and adds in a Battle Royale mode.

Counter Strike Global Offensive aka CS:GO is one of the biggest games world wide with 25 million copies sold and a player base averaging around half a million online at peak time. (11 million total played the game just last month). Let that soak in.

Now developer Valve has made two powerful moves: The game has gone free to play removing all barriers for new fans to join in and added a Battle Royale mode to capitalize on the most popular game type of the last 5 years. 

These are two very important tools that the phenomenon known as Fortnite uses to grow it’s popularity and we have no doubt Valve has been watching that closely. In fact it was Valve who pioneered free to play economies with Team Fortress 2! 

The Battle Royale mode called “Danger Zone” isn’t as large in scale as it’s competitors featuring 18 players as opposed to 100 per match but the concept is the same. You drop into a “Blacksite” map and are tasked to quickly arm yourself and begin moving to new safe zones as all players are tasked to be the sole survivor. (or team) 

It’s compelling stuff and I can’t wait to see how things play out. There’s little doubt that these changes will create an all new CS:GO growth spurt that will line Valve’s pockets quite nicely. 

Via Valve:

Introducing Danger Zone — a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish. Play solo, or work together as a squad of two or three!


So there’s never been a better time to bring in your friends.

All players who played CS:GO before today’s update will receive a commemorative Loyalty Badge they can display on their profile. You were there from the beginning, so show it off! Additionally, all existing CS:GO players have had their accounts upgraded to Prime Status.

As before, Prime Status matches you with other Prime Status players. Additionally, your Prime Status will give you access to the new Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats (available by earning XP while playing Danger Zone matches) and the all new Danger Zone Case.

Danger Zone Case

The Danger Zone Case features 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and theHorizon knives as rare special items. Click here for more details.

A new game mode, a new case, and CS:GO is free. What are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!