NotMyCar aims at being a Destruction Derby Battle Royale Experience.

As games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call Of Duty’s Blackout continue to essentially print money on the popularity of the Battle Royale genera, new takes on the concept are going to appear. The newest challenger is “notmycar” a game where 100 cars drop onto an island and kill each other in a style reminiscent of the classic Twisted Metal series. Chain guns, rockets and more will be your arms to win the war. 

Developer NMC Studios sums the gameplay up as:


Get a double-shot of adrenaline when you glide your freaking car into every match. Pick the best landing zones on a massive island battleground that gets smaller and smaller, driving all your enemies right into your waiting sights.


How are they gonna recognize the champ when they see you? Because you can customize your battle wagon to the nines. Make sure your worthless enemies know exactly who bombed them into oblivion as you do donuts in their fiery remains. Flags, paint-jobs, and more, it’s all up to you.


It’s pedal-to-the-metal as you race to snatch the best weapons from caches all over the island. Battle Royale means second place is the first loser, so show no mercy for anyone on four wheels. Fight your way to the top of the junk heap to be the last car standing!

The game looks and sounds great so far even in beta form. In fact, if you want into the beta, go here and request access

This could be one to watch.