Television Ad Spend for the gaming industry in October was $62M with Sony pushing most of it.

October’s AD budget across the games industry grew from September’s $53 million to a cool $62M and Sony was responsible for almost half of it alone! Pushing games such as Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 plus the PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro hardware, Sony really flexed some muscle to the tune of an estimated $28M.

Nintendo followed Sony with a $7M budget as the only other platform owner on the list with software companies rounding out the top spots.

Check out Venture Beat’s full breakdown including insights such as:

“With an estimated spend of $6 million, third place goes to Ubisoft. The company aired four commercials 721 times, resulting in 229.5 million impressions. The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey spot “Gods Have Spoken” had the biggest budget, an estimated $3.8 million. ESPN, Fox, and Comedy Central were three of the networks with high spend, while NFL, the NBA, and college football and were some of the programs for which Ubisoft prioritized budget.”