Call of Duty generates more revenue than the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DOUBLE that of Star Wars.

Hard to believe? Well believe it. The Call of Duty franchise beats out the Marvel movies and Star Wars in revenue so far. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick went over the figures in the company’s most recent earnings call:

“Our engagement to date is better than any Call of Duty content in recent years, and spectator viewing is higher than ever before. As a franchise, Call of Duty has now generated more revenue than the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the box office, and double that of the cumulative box office of Star Wars. We have an exciting future planned for Call of Duty players, including our new Call of Duty professional player opportunities, and lots of exciting new content in 2019 and beyond.”

Bobby also revealed that Black Ops 4 is trending ahead of Black Ops 3 in very important metrics amid investor worries the title was launching behind expectations.

 “Unit sell-through after the first three weeks is pacing ahead of Black Ops 3, PC sell-through more than 3 times higher, and with significant shifts to full-game downloads. Total active users in the first three weeks are up 16% over Black Ops 3, with strong growth across all modes, and engagement and hours played is up over 20% versus Black Ops 3. So it’s worth underscoring that given Black Ops 3 generated more in-game net bookings than any other Call of Duty title, this level of engagement in Black Ops 4 should result in strong in-game revenue in Q4 and into 2019.”

Black Ops 4 has had a rocky start on a technical level but is quickly getting on better ground with constant updates from developer Treyarch. It’s introduction of Battle Royale in the form of Blackout has been a huge success as well with players even if it’s still behind the free to play Fortnite.

The future is bright for the series, it’s pro players and the fanbase in general.