McDonalds Corp has ended it’s 15-year partnership with the German Football Association (DFB) and will double down on Esports instead.

We’ve covered McDonald’s expanding esports support world wide a bit already and that support is growing versus traditional sports promotions now it seems.

McDonald’s Germany has decided to end it’s 15 year support of the German Football Association and double up on it’s support of ESL. (Electronic Sports League)

“McDonald’s is a global brand that stands for zeitgeist and youth culture—just like ESL,” said Bernhard Mogk, SVP global sales & business development at ESL. “We are delighted that this partnership will be renewed, to further anchor esports as a pop culture phenomenon.”

McDonald’s sees esports as it’s prime way to connect with millennials and according to Philipp Wachholz (McD’s German Spokeman) it’s already showing returns:  “The step into esports was absolutely right for us, and we see a significant increase in brand awareness among the targeted audience,”

For now the expanded marketing will surround MOBA games and may include not just broadcast and stage branding but also participation with pro teams for special projects. They’ve hinted that retro games may also make an appearance as well though perhaps in a play to expand their promos outside of the millennial demo.

Exciting times!