Malaysia’s Minister of Sports sets aside 10M RM For Esports Programs with Razer’s CEO Matching the investment.

Syed Saddiq, Malaysia’s Minister of Youth and Sports has pledged $10M RM ($2.5 Million US) to development of Esports in the country. Syed who is 25 years old sees great potential for Esports in Malaysia going all the way to building Stadiums and pushing for inclusion in the 2019 Asian Games.

On Stadiums:

“AirAsia is doing an exceptional job, they will start the first (eSports Arena) in Klang, so you can see the expansion happening, the private sector and also by the government,”

“I’m not a fan of having the ministry micromanage it, I want it to be industry driven. I had a short conversation with MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) chief executive officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmood and they have a network with the industry players, so I want them to run it, we will provide it,”

On inclusion in the Asian Games:

“We’ve been fighting, lobbying to ensure eSports is included, not just as a demo but medal sport, and we’ve been briefed recently that it will be included in the medal tally.

“We’ll be pushing for even more, not just Sea Games but for Asian and Commonwealth Games, and the Olympics because the young population that follow eSports is massive.”

Syed has a passion for Esports that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan has pledged to match the $2.5 Million investment as to also help foster Malaysian growth in Esports.

It’s great to see these programs coming to Malaysia and beyond. We can’t wait to see how big things can get!