PUBG is taking the Brazilian market seriously with the launch of South American game servers but it will be the players who decide if they stay on or not.

The region of the servers you play online games on is very important for getting a good experience. The farther away servers are, the more lag and desync errors you are likely to get. As the South American game market continues to grow publishers of online games are starting to look at the viability of the region to have local servers. Viability translated to: Are their enough players in the region to offset the cost of keeping servers running especially for them?

That question is going to be answered in a very direct way as PUBG Corp announced at the Brasil Games Show this week that they’re opening servers for the South American region October 11th – 15th. The purpose of these servers is to not only test performance but also popularity. Gamers will need to actively show up online during this event to make it clear if the servers will stay on or not.

Stand up and be counted my Brazilian brothers and sisters! This will be another great step for gaming in the region.

PUBG Corp:

Since the launch of PUBG on Xbox, we have seen a lot of interest from our South American players for us to open a server for the region.

Today, alongside the opening of the Brasil Game Show, we are excited to announce that we’ll be opening the South America server for Xbox from October 11-15!

South America Server Open Dates:
Starts: October 11 11:00PM BRT
Ends: October 15 02:00AM BRT

Available Modes: 

  • TPP
    • Solo
    • Squad
  • Event Mode not available
  • Duo not available
  • FPP not available


  • All maps available

During this time, the SA server will be available to select and play on. Our main goal is to gauge interest from the SA community and see if we can maintain a healthy CCU and matchmaking times – not just on the SA server, but across all regions as adding a new server will impact the game globally.

If we can sustain healthy matchmaking times for everyone, we may extend the SA server open dates, or permanently implement the SA server into the game.

We hope that many of our SA players will have the chance to try out the new server and provide feedback. Be sure to let us know your thoughts, as we’ll be keeping a close eye on our channels during this time!

PUBG Xbox Team