Never stop creating. Indie Fortnite artist gets picked up by FaZe Clan and has Epic Games making offers as well.

Are you a creator of some sort? Do you often feel tiny in a massive industry? Well… You are. We all are. But never let that slow you down from collecting and sharing your work. This has been greatly illustrated by the recent success of Reddit user Luke Thompson AKA: t_visADL.

Luke has been doing his thing on Reddit by creating Fortnite renditions of classic art and photographs. Subject matter such as The Last Supper, a recreation of the famous photograph of New York skyscraper workers at lunch and a very Scarface looking throne scene have helped Luke birth a large following with some of his work collecting almost 40,000 upvotes by the community.

Luke’s Reddit posts have got him noticed and by the right people. Ricky Banks best known as FaZe Banks came calling to put him to work on projects across FaZe Clan, one of the biggest esports teams in the world. It looks like Luke will be designing art assets for branding, stream and maybe even merch.

Not only that, we understand that Epic has also contacted Luke for some opportunities. We could very well see his artwork featured in marketing materials or even as splash screens in the game it’s self.

Opportunity can knock if you’ve built a door for it. Get out there like Luke and see where your talent can take you! If you have any talent of course. Let’s not get sappy here.