The final Splatoon 2 content update is here featuring a new map, weapons and cosmetics.

The final content update comes to Splatoon 2 today with version 4.1.0 – It’s the end of an era for Nintendo’s most popular (non-smash) esports game.

The final map is called Skipper Pavilion. It’s very Japanese and looks to have some good verticality.

New weapons on the rack will be:

  • Kensa Splattershot Pro (Sub.weapon: Splat Bomb / Special: Booyah Bomb)
  • Kensa Luna Blaster (Sub-weapon: Fizzy Bomb / Special: Ink Storm)
  • Kensa Dynamo Roller (Sub-weapon: Sprinkler / Special: Booyah Bomb)
  • Kensa Sloshing Machine (Sub-weapon: Fizzy Bomb / Special: Splashdown)

Finally you’ll also be able to collect new cosmetics from the stark monotone Kensa Collection.

While the update looks great it’s certainly bittersweet to know that development for Splatoon 2 has come to end of life status. The game will continue on with esports events and broadcasts but there won’t be any new weapons, items or stages. The final meta will start setting in after this update.

The legacy is sound. We can’t wait to see what comes next.