OpTic Gaming debuts a new app for fans allowing them to earn reputation and rewards while creating branded social media posts.

As one of the largest Esports Orgs in the business, OpTic Gaming has been quick to adopt new ways to harness their fan’s passion. Their newest project is a mobile app that will allow fans to interact with each other, earn rewards and create media with OpTic Branding.

The app, co-developed but Jet8 is called OpTic Snap.

“Esports fans are passionate about their favorite teams, and spend a huge amount of time creating and sharing social media content,” said Joshua Thomson, JET8 Foundation Director. “JET8 allows OpTic Snap to reward their fans for this support and turn them into paid micro-influencers, building a powerful community where both the brand and its fans share in value.”

“This isn’t just an opportunity for us to give back to the fans that have loyally supported the organization for years,” said OpTic Gaming GM Romain Bigeard. “It’s a way for us to help them get even better connected with each other as well, forging tighter bonds and an even more vibrant fan culture.”

The rewards that can be earned aren’t trivial. You can earn merch with points or get discounts for purchases.

The app is currently available on Android only and is focused at the Indian and South Asian market. OpTic has said that announcements for western countries will follow soon.