Dying Light Bad Blood is now on Steam Early access. The Battle Royale trend keeps on running.

Techland has set loose their parkour powered, melee focused Battle Royale experience Bad Blood onto Steam Early Access. Created from the base of Dying Light, this take on the game type has 12 players dropped into the zombie infested city of Harran where they must survive attacks by zombies while finding (or building) deadly melee weapons to deal with each other as the chopper out of the dead city only holds one.

While the game is set to be free on PC and consoles after release, entry into the early access client will cost players $19.99 and reward them with some exclusive perks in return.

While the Battle Royale genera is getting crowded, Bad Blood seems to be unique enough to stand out. With Call of Duty, Battlefield and others stepping into the space it will be interesting to see where this one falls.