Esports on the razor’s edge: Gillette sponsors the Brazillian League of Legends Pro Circuit and will also produce a reality show.

There’s two things really growing fast right now: Esports in Brazil and non-endemic companies stepping up to profit from esports marketing. This is a story about both.

The Brazilian League of Legends Pro League “Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends” aka the CBLoL will be sponsored by Gillette. In addition, Gillette will be partnering with Versus Studio and Webedia to produce a reality television series featuring young League hopefuls trying to go pro and claim the show’s $50k prize.

The deal was announced during the CBLoL Winter Finals stream and followed up with the commercial above. It’s very well produced and builds a compelling marketing angle. (That means it’s cool)

Gillette is no stranger to smaller esports marketing deals as they backed Team SoloMid in North America’s LOL Pro League, ESL’s German FIFA League and most recently joined as a sponsor of the Boston Uprising in the Overwatch League.

This deals shows the growing importance of Brazil in the esports market and how non-endemics can capitalize on it.