Valve has allowed the first pornographic game on Steam with Negligee Love Stories.

In a first for Valve’s Steam platform, a full on pornographic game has released. Negligee Love Stories is an anime styled visual novel game where you learn all you can about different girls in your city so that you can form relationships with them eventually leading to sex. Uncensored, in-game sex.

So how was this allowed on Steam? It’s all due to their new content filtering systems. Steam will now allow you to “hide” all games with features you might find offensive before you even find them. That means that a properly set up preference list along with parental controls should be enough to allow those who want these types of games to find them and those who don’t to not even know they exist. 

It’s interesting. No other major platform allows pornographic games. That includes Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo eShop and the Windows Store. For Steam though, this is all part of a shift they are doing on the platform to protect users who ask for it and not to actually ban games simply for the fact they they might offend someone who randomly comes across it.

This all started when a school shooter game appeared on Steam prompting company leaders to deeply evaluate where the lines between censorship, taste and protection lie. The game, “Active Shooter” was eventually removed from Steam and it’s developer Revived Games banned from ever submitting software to the platform again. From that event though, Valve decided to re-evaluate it’s whole content philosophy and that has led to Dharkar Studios getting approval for Negligee Love Stories.

Where this will go we don’t know yet. It will be fascinating to see what follows and if Valve will hold true to their new direction.