Belgium Government issues warrants against Electronic Arts who are refusing to stop illegal loot box sales.

As we reported on back in April, loot boxes were ruled as gambling by the Belgian government and are illegal outside of regulated channels.

EA games such as FIFA, Overwatch and CSGO were marked as examples of what would become illegal under the new laws but EA made it clear early on that they didn’t agree with the regulations and would fight them. What are the stakes? Massive fines and jail time for offenders who didn’t alter the nature of loot boxes in their games via an 8 week window.

Blizzard and Value quickly stepped aside and altered their software. EA did not.

It’s now being reported that warrants have been issued for EA and charges are being brought against them by the Brussels’s Public Office. This will be an important case to watch as EA insists loot boxes aren’t gambling and have made it clear they are up to fight this definition in court.

The results will influence the future of loot box laws worldwide.