Xbox has invented a chicken grease proof controller. (How about Cheetos though?)

To celebrate the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 on Xbox One, the Australian branch of Xbox created something equal parts cool and gross…

It’s a chicken (and any other type of grease) resistant controller.Yes, this controller has a special laminated coating that protects it from the delicious drippings one must endure to enjoy a winner’s chicken dinner.

Yes it’s all silly but the controller is real if only in a very small supply:

Carrying the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS signature colour scheme and designed with winning in mind, the award-winning Xbox wireless controllers that fans know and love has been applied with a patented special coating resistant to grease and oil. The hand sprayed urethane coating is impervious to minor scratches, water, and of course – roast chicken grease. To finish, each unit is stamped with the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS logo and its unique number, with only 200 produced worldwide.  

So how do you get one of these limited edition, kitchen ready Xbox beauties?
To mark the launch of 1.0, ten lucky fans will be rewarded with a specially-made greaseproof Xbox wireless controller of their own, made available via the Xbox ANZ Facebook page this week. Those who are lucky enough to receive a limited-edition Xbox wireless controller can say goodbye to the greasy fingers of yesterday and hello to the sweet victory of tomorrow: no longer will chicken dinners slip through a player’s fingers. 

As someone who’s a bit of a clean freak with controllers wiping them down with Windex not only before and after but sometimes during my play time, this controller could either be my dream peripheral or worst nightmare.