H1Z1 Battle Royale hits 12 Million Players on PS4.

H1Z1 has been a hit on PS4 so far with it’s console specific version attracting over 12 million jumpers into the Battle Royale fun. To celebrate, the game’s developer Daybreak has added a wildly colorful Marauder skin for anyone who plays before August 26th- That means you have one day left! Get to it!

Wildstyle Marauder

Via Daybreak: To celebrate H1Z1’s launch out of Open Beta on PS4, we wanted to say “thank you” to the 12 million+ of you who have joined us in Pleasant Valley so far with a special surprise! To get the first ever skin for the Marauder, the NEW Wildstyle Marauder, all you have to do is log in and play a match of Solos, Duos, or Fives between now and 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, August 26.