Hi-Rez Studios has evolved into a multi-studio publisher.

Atlanta’s Hi-Rez Studios has seen quite a bit of success since it’s founding in 2005. While some of it’s initial games are now gone (Global Agenda, Tribes) they are finding success in their original properties Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale.

Apparently the time has come for Hi-Rez to create dedicated development teams for each of these titles and expand their reach in the industry.

“We view game operation as a marathon, not a sprint. Our games are built to provide near constant updates over many years. By giving each major game its own dedicated studio and identity, we empower them to control their own destiny and focus exclusively on their player communities, while still having access to our leading shared publishing services.” – Chris Larson, Studio Lead

The new studio breakdown goes like this:

Evil Mojo Games will take over the Hero Shooter Paladins.

Titan Forge Games will handle duties for the MOBA Smite.

Heroic Leap will assume the reins of Realm Royale, Hi-Rez’s new Battle Royale title.

The fourth division in the new company structure is Skillshot Media, their new esports studio we reported on in May. Skillshot will manage all esports events and broadcasts for in house games as well as offer production services to other companies as well.

It’s all big moves for Hi-Rez and we’re eager to see where they expand to next.