Deathgarden enters Early Access

Deathgarden is a new asymetrical FPS where one player is a “Hunter” who has guns and tools for hunting the four other players called “Runners”. The Hunter can knock out runners but not kill them by doing so. To kill a Runner, the Hunter has to drag them to a “Death Post” located somewhere on the procedural generated map.

The Runners are tasked with surviving the Hunter while they activate control posts on the island. If they activate them all, the Runners win.

It’s a very cool concept reminiscent of The Running Man movie that shaped my whole childhood. (it kinda did)

Early Access begins on the 14th and it’s free for the first week. Check out more info below:


Set in the near future, DEATHGARDEN™ revolves around a spectacular real blood sport that became the most popular entertainment on the planet. Players choose to team up as one of the five agile Runners or to embody the Hunter, a heavily armed competitor whose mission is to kill the Runners, preventing them from escaping The Garden.

Deathgarden pits individual cunning against strategy and teamwork–a lone but lethal Hunter against a team of dextrous Runners. Both sides must prove their skills and take control of the procedurally-generated Garden.

Asymmetric Confrontation

Power vs Agility: In this fast-paced action title, one powerful Hunter must hunt down five agile Runners, who seek to complete an objective and escape the Garden.

The Garden

A Procedurally Generated Garden: Each map is procedurally generated within the ‘Garden’, a nano-printed environment in which Runners willingly enter to compete against the powerful Hunter. Each match boasts a different ‘Garden’ layout, which forces both sides to adapt their strategy to the environment and creates exhilarating, memorable moments.

Long Term Support

Gameplay First: Deathgarden embraces the “no grind” or “no pay to win” philosophy. New gameplay content (Gardens, Weapons, Abilities & Perks, etc.) will be instantly available to all players upon the content’s release.