Dragonball FighterZ dominated EVO 2018 and set Twitch viewer records.

Bandai Namco’s Dragonball FighterZ is new on the FGC scene but it’s already making a big mark. After hitting a peak of 52k viewers at CEO Daytona earlier this year making it the most viewed game for the event’s history, DBZ has now done the same for EVO In Las Vegas but to a much larger degree.

While lagging behind Capcom’s Street Fighter V for the first couple days of the event, DBZ hit it’s milestone for the finals bringing in a peak viewership on Twitch of 258,000! That record now stands as the highest for any main event at EVO.

There have been Dragonball  fighting games for years, in fact if you pre-order FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch you get a classic Super Nintendo DB fighting game as a bonus! While most have been successful, FighterZ has really taken off with it’s pure 2D gameplay and graphics that make it look like an actual episode of the anime as you play.

We don’t see FighterZ slowing down anytime soon on it’s domination tour of the FGC and Esports in general.