Billy Mitchell sets 1 Million Donkey Kong score live on Twitch silencing critics.

Billy Mitchell no doubt felt like a million dollars last night when he scored 1 million points on Donkey Kong live from a Game Bar and streamed on Twitch.

After being stripped of his world records by Twin Galaxies after allegations that he used emulation or modded hardware for his scores. Since that heated event Billy has went on a tour doing panels and live score runs to prove his ability to set the scores he claimed. The tour had been uneventful until last night when he set the exact score and then walked away from the arcade cabinet while it was still running in a typical flair of his.

YouTube creator Tipster has created a great video covering the event that you should check out.

Ultimately this score only shows that Billy can indeed hit and exceed the 1 million point barrier of DK. It does not effect the decision by Twin Galaxies or put his scores back into official circulation. It’s likely only his first step on a comeback plan that we’ll be watching closely.