Lewd Gaming Championship : A $25k YouPorn sponsored Exotic Esports Event.

So what connection could internet porn have to the young and predominately male Esports demographic? I have no idea either. YouPorn seems to see one though and have dabbled in the scene for a while. They started with their ill fated Overwatch team and after it’s demise moved to sponsoring players in the Smash Bros Circuit. Orgs like ESL outright ban teams with pornographic sponsors so it’s not surprising that YP has moved to something a bit more fitting: A partnership with Nutaku. (NSFW unless you work at YouPorn)

Nutaku is a popular producer of adult games for web and mobile devices. They’ve partnered with YouPorn to take their “Tits ‘n’ Tanks” game into the Esports arena. TNT is one of Nutaku’s most popular games and if you look past all of the juvenile sexual tones it’s core is a fun, arcade style, tank combat game.

“Think of it as World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the gameplay. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of eSports to the next level.” – Ben Faccio, Nutaku Product Manager.

This $25,000 event will allow 64 finalists to compete on TNT for a share of the prize pool but all of the players will get free 12 month subscriptions to YouPorn content. So there’s that.

The tournament will start in the fall and more information will be presented as it gets closer. We’re curious to see how it does and will share more info as it arrives.