Shroud’s flirtation with hackers has gotten him banned from PUBG. (temporarily)


Hackers are a blight on any game. They can crash lobbies, use aimbots, become invisible or hide under maps.

In PUBG hackers are actual wizards. Gandalf / Merlin level wizards. They can see through walls. They can kill you with a thought and if you hop into a car with them it will fly. Like a damn jet.

It all sounds silly and fun but hackers actually destroy the games we love. When you mess with the integrity of a game on a massive scale it will destroy the player base and in turn, cause them to abandon it. I doubt any of you want to be in the final five of a PUBG match just to be killed  by someone who can see and shoot you through the building you’re hiding in then do doughnuts in a flying Dacia.

Hacking is such a problem in the PC version of PUBG there’s been a lot of players who moved to the more secure Xbox One version and many more who’ve left the game all together for Fortnite or other Battle Royale games.

That’s why it’s such an issue when famous steamers like Shroud decide to party up with a hacker.

Yes, the Michael “Shroud – I got my own PUBG skins pack because i’m so popular” Grzesiek himself spent a night on a flying dacia date with a hacker who used his “powers” to screw over other players in the game.

See the source image

Not cool.

It didn’t take long for players to get upset seeing one of their famous ilk in cahoots with a hated hacker. Watching them grief other players with flying cars, vision through walls and other such bullshit.

Shroud was not lost on the issue either.

“Obviously, I knew what the fuck I was doing, which wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea. I’m sorry to those peeps who are real upset with me, with all the, y’know, flying around with the cheater and such…”

After the stream his account was banned by PUBG Corp for one month. A slap on the wrist sure, but also a huge risk on their part as creating enemies of their elected heroes always has a PR risk.

It’s a fascinating situation we will watch closely.