Fortnite and our reality are merging after the rocket launch. Reddit investigates.

After the reality breaking rocket launch in Fortnite, strangeness has been afoot. Players have witnessed the Durr Burger sign disappearing into a rift right in front of their eyes…

Durr Burger sign gone from FortNiteBR

And now it seems to have appeared in our reality. The California desert to be exact.


Naturally this led others to investigate the situation by going to the location and there was an “agent” snooping around handing out business cards with a phone number on them to people who showed up.

And that’s where it ends for now. The community is continuing to unfold this mystery on Reddit. Currently the situations is:

What has already been solved

  • Rocket Launch: During the rocket launch, a specific noise was played while the rocket was in the sky. This audio was found in the game files, in two different places: spectrogram
  • File #1 showed the skulls that were present on the TV screens around the map prior to the rocket launch event
  • File #2 shows two sets of numbers that decode to four different coordinates on the game’s map. The decoding yielded 4 locations which are currently speculated to be related to the leaked game mode at the end of Season 4.


What still needs to be solved

  • On 2018-07-06, the Twitter account @selashiloni had tweeted out about finding a Durr Burger in a California desert, paired with multiple videos and a picture of a police car from the game. That afternoon, another Twitter account, @A2K_Kilo had stated that they had traveled to the location and had received a card from an Agent at the site.
    • On the card, there is a phone number, calling it will play this audio, but currently no solution has been found.


Epic’s Fortnite marketing in on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL now. We’re very excited to see where this all ends up.