Crucible’s 4v4 turns into 6v6 again in Destiny 2’s 1.2.3 Patch.

Destiny 2 has become the poster child for a game stuck forever in a development and patch flux after release. Many of the sweeping changes to Destiny 1 that D2 brought to the table are now gone. One of these changes was the lowering of the pvp Crucible from 12 player matches to 8.

Welcome back to the dozen club Guardians. With patch 1.2.3 coming July 17th.

Via Bungie:

The Crucible team has been hard at work over the last few months, digesting player feedback and tuning the experience. Normally we’d have a Crucible representative jump in to give some commentary on goals, but they’re currently all hands on deck working on the future of the Crucible. Here’s a quick Patch Notes preview for what you can expect to become available when Update 1.2.3 is released onJuly 17, 2018:
Crucible Playlist Update
  • Quickplay
    • Increasing player configuration to 6v6 and updating the playlist description
    • Removing Supremacy from the pool of available game modes
    • Control
      • Updating Control win score to 150
      • Control Zones will initially be neutral
    • Clash
      • Updating Clash win score to 100
  • Competitive
      • Bomb Fuse timer in Countdown lowered from 40 seconds to 35 seconds
  • General
    • Rumble will become a full-time playlist
    • Supremacy will be added to the weekly featured playlist, updated to 6v6, and have a win score of 150
Crucible Ranks Update
  • Players will be able to earn Valor rank from additional playlists:
    • Competitive
    • Crucible Labs
    • Iron Banner
    • Trials of The Nine
  • Joining a game in progress will protect your Valor Win Streak for that game
    • If you lose: No penalties incurred to your Valor Win Streak
    • If you win: Valor Win Streak increases
  • Players will be matched using their Glory rank
    • This means your opponents will be of similar rank to you
    • The higher you climb, the tougher the opponent
  • Glory Loss Streaks will be re-tuned to be less punishing over time
    • Consecutive losses will decrease the Rank Points lost instead of increasing
    • Streaks will still cap out at 5
  • All Rank Streaks will no longer reset once they hit their cap
There are many more changes to Destiny 2 coming in July, and we’ll be giving a few more Patch Notes previews leading up to release, providing developer insights and commentary when possible.